S1E5 - The Rivergate | John Klingman

Episode 5 - #rivergate

This episode we talk about the short lived (1968-1995) and very controversial Rivergate Convention Center that was a major landmark in mid-century modern architecture however was plagued by its relationship to the site it was built on and the changing cities landscape around it.

For the first half of the podcast we sit down with the Tulane's Emeritus Professor of Architecture, John Klingman who brings us back to the buildings inception, worldly design and its eventual demise. For the last portion of the podcast we sit down with the Executive Director of AIA New Orleans, Joel Pominville who elaborates on an a Virtual Reality exhibit put on by the Preservation Rescource Center (PRC) and the New Orleans Architecture Foundation (NOAF), where listeners can attend to re-experience the iconic building through VR.

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